Technological Innovation

Among other things; what has made our company to be a force to reckon with in the Security sector is our ability to adapt to technological innovation in executing our duties. We take pride in using technologically advanced machines and gadgets that do not only make our work easier but that also allows us to diligently perform our security obligations in accordance to our clients’ expectations. We have a wide range of machines and gadgets which makes our company meet global standards required in the security service field. To ensure efficient use of the gadgets, our workforce go through extensive training that equips them with knowledge on operation as well as maintenance of the gadgets.

We have a wide range of technologically advanced equipment we use in executive our duties, they include:

  • CCTV Cameras: These are state of the art cameras that we use for monitoring and surveillance purposes at different locations where we conduct our security operations. Our CCTV cameras operate 24 hours everyday and they are monitored by expects who go through training

  • Segway Machines: We use Segway machines to enhance our mobility in conducting our daily patrols. These machines do not only make our operations easier but they ensure that we manage time in executing our duties.

  • Tetra Radios: Security Service business requires efficient communication in performing its day to day task. At Rangers Security we have embraced Tetra Radios as our mode for communication. Our security personnel on the ground communicate directly with our command center giving updates of happenings at their areas of operation. Tetra Radios have allowed transparency and accountability in our day to day operations.

  • Rapid response standby vehicles: We have modern and fast moving vehicles that are quick to respond whenever need arises