Our Company Assets

Our customers’ satisfaction comes first.

At Rangers, we are fast to attend to our clients’ needs.

In order to ensure that we provide our services efficiently, we have company segways that are allocated to our supervisors which enable them to get to your doorstep . By that, we are able to attend to our clients with urgency. They also maneuver around our clients’ premises making sure that their safety is guaranteed.

We have our fast-moving patrol bikes that have been allocated to our security in-charges that ensure we provide our services with urgency. By this, we are able to provide our clients with satisfactory services.

We have our patrolling cars that have been allocated to our supervisors that have been in this field for years who are able to understand and our clients’ needs as well as our security guards’ needs and ensure they are well taken care of to ensure that everything runs efficiently.

At Rangers, we believe that communication is very important and to ensure that this happens effectively and with ease, we use tetra-radios which make it easy for us to attend to our clients’ needs by communicating to the relevant persons about certain issues.