Our Services


Rangers operates in the security services industry with a large range of services that includes but is not limited to the following.

In line with each customer’s specific requirements, needs and status. Uniformed officers in clearly identified vehicles will visit and inspect our security personnel at the client’s premises at agreed frequencies. This inspection, among other measures, aims at ensuring the high standard of service that distinguishes Rangers Security Services from the rest of the market.

We schedule our patrol inspection visits during both the day and night, in order to maintain active surveillance and security for the premises at all times.

For events, Rangers security services masters the integration of relevant services to ensure successful portable security management for events on the location they are being held at.

Events security combines the most presentable and qualified security staff, with the latest security technology equipment such as bag X-ray screening, metal detector doors, controlling and establishing site operation and portable command and control rooms that work 24 hours, cover sites with CCTV cameras, manage VIP access and egress, as well as dealing with emergencies and the implementation of evacuation plans, in addition to the aforementioned standard education of our staff in necessities like First Aid, Crowd Control, etc.

Additional equipment includes IP cameras, access control systems with electromagnetic doors, electronic article surveillance for supporting retail business, and metal detector doors for high-secured areas:  All options that can be provided according to the client’s need and requirements.

We offer CCTV surveillance camera solutions that can monitor the area within and around the premises at all time with high resolution. This is a vital measure to track any occurring incidents, and to assist in the conduction of investigations.

As the finance and commercial sectors typically are more inclined to incorporate the meet and greet function with the provision of onsite security. For those purposes, sourcing front house security, Concierge and Reception Staff is among the core areas of our expertise, thus offering a total solution that will tap on the needs to those sectors and other sectors, and fulfill that need.

Rangers Security Services provides the highest standard of parking management services and earn the client’s trust by serving them in a reliable, timely, and helpful manner and by actively taking the initiative to meet their needs with this regards, through implementing a number of car park management policies, depending on the client’s requirement in that matter.

At Rangers, we provide airports and airlines with required security services, while ensuring a positive travel experience. Airport security services are provided in coordination with national security policies. Rangers provides pre-boarding security screening services according to the civil aviation security quality control regulations, 2010 and ICAO annex 17 standards.


At Rangers, We see Security as a Revenue Enhancement